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We point out that PT6500-PT8500 POWERTECH branded generators are sold “Online”.

They are NOT products processed and marketed by us.

The "POWERTECHDISTRIBUZIONE SRL" does not sell on-line and all our. products are branded with our. address.

We have already reported this situation to the Police, so please kindly contact for any report concerning the product, directly where you made the purchase. Thanks


POWER tech distribution srl was founded by long experience gained by its owners at the departments of ACME MOTORS.
Product knowledge, experience in the automotive segment, ricambistico and electromechanical make it a synonym of reliability and safety.
The high profile coach makes this company a reference in national control and thorough testing of the product before each delivery, to ensure our customers the highest quality and safety.
POWER tech distribution srl is a company that treats its customers with a wide range of products: electric motors, generators, water pumps, log splitters, tillers and who cares to assist them with the spare parts and experience.
Try us, we will not disappoint!